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Chronically Healing Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Today on the Chronically Healing Podcast we have Casey Stanley of A Unique Life. Casey takes us through her story with leaving her job and starting her business to help people. Casey lets us in on what her life is like living in chronic pain, but how she’s continuing to live her best life.

I’m so grateful to Casey for being on the show and sharing her story!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Why she started A Unique Life after having to leave her job

  • The importance of allowing those with chronic illness who NEED to work from home to work from home (especially when it’s easy to do)

  • Why people with chronic and invisible illness aren’t treated the way that they should be and are compared to others without health issues (and how damaging that can be)

  • Finding compassion for other’s situation that you may not understand

  • Casey’s experience with fibromyalgia

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