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Chronically Healing Podcast

Nov 10, 2021

Christina and Dafne chatted about how healing comes in different forms, the importance of gut health and skin exposure and maintaining a sense of self as a mom with chronic illness. One of the great quotes from the podcast is “when we’re imagining the future with fear, we’re partnering with the wrong thing.” We can’t wait for you to listen in to this episode!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Dafne’s journey with multiple chronic and autoimmune illnesses and where she’s at now.

  • What goals and “success” really mean and why core values might be more helpful.

  • Dafne’s top affirmations that she uses for both herself and her clients.

  • A conversation that changed her life and pushed her in the direction of chronic illness coaching.

  • The importance of sleep, especially with those with chronic illness. Are you sleeping well?

  • Diving deep into low stomach acid and gut issues.

  • Being sun-phobic and how to get safe sun exposure (it’s so important!) ☀️

  • Maintaining a sense of self as a mom with chronic illness.

  • What Dafne would tell someone who just found out they have a chronic illness and they’re feeling scared.


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