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Chronically Healing Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Today's episode is with my friend, Marci Nevin! Marci and I "met" via the wonderful Instagram and we've continued to follow each other over there for awhile. I knew I wanted to interview her once I started this podcast, so I'm so happy to have her on!

Marci and I talk about chronic illnesses that she deals with (Hashimoto's, gut issues, psoriasis, Lyme, etc.) but more importantly, we talk about getting out of that victim mindset that's so easy to fall into when you're dealing with chronic pain and fatigue. We talk about the ways that we stay positive, healthy and moving forward in our lives while not letting our autoimmunity mess with our lives.

In today's episode we chat about ... 

  • Marci's autoimmune root cause and what she does to keep herself healthy
  • Her divorce and how she moved past that
  • Not allowing yourself to be a victim when it's so easy to fall into that trap
  • Exercise addiction and working as a personal trainer
  • Our mutual love for California ;)

Links and things ...