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Chronically Healing Podcast

May 26, 2021

I’m so excited to introduce you to Shanna Nemrow, FNTP! I found Shanna via YouTube about a year ago when I was dabbling with the AIP diet (Autoimmune Protocol) and loved her authenticity and helpful tricks for living with Hashimoto’s. I asked Shanna to be on the podcast to talk about all things Hashimotos and we definitely dug into some big thyroid topics during our chat.

Shanna is a Hashimoto’s warrior herself and now helps others out there dealing with thyroid issues. Her story is inspiring and we also tapped into the emotional side of living with Hashimoto’s, which is just as important (if not even MORE important) than the physical. Her content is all about finding joy while living with autoimmune disease and it’s such a refreshing way to talk about chronic illness.

Shanna and I also talked about dealing with depression, anxiety and mental health issues with Hashimoto’s but didn’t get to it today. Let me know if you’d like another episode with Shanna to dive into this!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Shanna’s story with Hashimoto’s (which is similar to so many of ours!)

  • Exercise intolerance and how that’s affected both Shanna and Jessie

  • How Hashimoto’s looks different for every single person

  • The emotional side of Hashimoto’s and how that can be so difficult for us all

  • Giving your body grace and not comparing yourself to others (or even yourself)

  • What AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) is, why Shanna used it in her healing and how she helps others on their AIP-journey

  • Comparing yourself to others with (or without) chronic illness and how we’ve gotten through that

  • Why working with someone when doing a strict “diet” for your health is extremely beneficial

  • Finding control in an uncontrollable life with Hashimoto’s and finding the things we can work on to feel better, rather than focusing on the things we cannot

  • The important ways that Shanna sets up her days and weeks to feel her best

  • How Shanna works with Hashimoto’s warriors and where you can join her community

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