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Chronically Healing Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

Today on the show I have Dr. Lois Nahirney who tells us about her story with undiagnosed health issues. Lois randomly found DNA testing when looking into it for her adopted sons, but it ended up helping her figure out her own health issues! Lois believed in the testing so much that she is became CEO of the company!

dnaPower is a DNA testing company that helps you find out more about what is right for YOUR body and where you may need some help in the form of lifestyle changes, supplements, etc. I feel like most doctors will throw those of us with chronic conditions on to these big diets (think AIP, SIBO diet, etc.) and it may not help you. Well, DNA testing can show you where your body is low, if you need more help with detoxification and so much more.

dnaPower’s easy-to-use testing and process makes it so simple to jump in and figure out your own body. I don’t know about you, but the more I know about my body, the more I can heal from what life throws at me.

To try out dnaPower’s program, head on over to and use coupon code ‘jessie’ for $50 off totalPower!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Lois' story about dealing with so many health issues, including extremely low iron levels resulting in blood transfusions

  • She found Lifestyle DNA testing and decided to use it to find out more about her adopted twins... but ending up finding the answers to her undiagnosed health issues!

  • What is lifestyle DNA testing and how do you use it?

  • Your DNA blueprint is impacted by all your lifestyle factors, so if you know where your DNA is weak, you can focus on making that stronger.

  • How would Lifestyle DNA testing help those with chronic health issues?

  • How to work with dnaPower to get your test results

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