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Chronically Healing Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

And we're back with another podcast! Today's episode is with Nicole Krinick, one of the owners of the app, Wana. Have you heard of Wana?

Wana (which stands for We Are Not Alone) is a community that fosters hope, direction and healing for people with chronic and invisible conditions. Nicole takes us through her story with invisible illness and why she and co-owner, Evan Golub, decided to start Wana.

Spoiler alert: Nicole and Evan actually met on a dating app and while they didn't click romantically, because of their meeting, Wana was created to help so many others in the chronic illness community. How cool is that?!

This is a quick episode, but such a helpful one! I created this podcast for a safe, positive space for people living with chronic illness and Wana is just the app for people like you!

In today's episode we chat about ... 

  • From Hinge to Healing: How Nicole & Evan met
  • Nicole's story with invisible illness that came out of nowhere
  • How Nicole and Evan's friendship and support through chronic illness pushed them to start Wana
  • How to join Wana and the best way to dive into the community
  • How it's never a good time to give up on healing

Links and things ...