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Chronically Healing Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Today on the podcast I have the wonderful Michelle Rogers of Wellthy Woman. Michelle is a functional medicine practitioner with a background in naturopathic medicine, functional diagnostic nutrition, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She specializes in helping female entrepreneurs take back their health with functional lab analysis. 

Michelle explains her history with chronic illness, what got her interested in helping people with chronic issues in the first place and how entrepreneurs (and everyone else!) can benefit from working with a functional medicine practitioner. We also dove into the benefits of acupuncture and Michelle's daily practices that keep her happy and healthy. 

In today's episode we chat about ... 

  • What got Michelle interested in functional medicine
  • The difference between naturopathic and functional medicine
  • How to optimize your energy and mental focus
  • The importance of functional labs in healing
  • Michelle's favorite daily rituals and practices

Links and things ...