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Chronically Healing Podcast

May 22, 2019

Today on the Chronically Healing podcast I have my personal functional lifestyle coach, Nicola Carpenter! Nicola and I have been working together for about 6 months and she's helped me make some MAJOR shifts in my health with Hashimoto's. Today we're chatting about her background with chronic illness and how it guided her into her career as a functional medicine lifestyle coach for those living with autoimmunity!

In today's episode we chat about ... 

  • Nicola's past with living with Hashimoto's and endometriosis
  • How her frustration with doctors pushed her into becoming a functional medicine lifestyle coach
  • Why she believes self-love is the most important part of anyone's health journey
  • How she practices self love and lifestyle coaching
  • How she coaches me!

Links and things ...