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Chronically Healing Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

Wow - this episode is truly one of our favorites! Today’s episode is with Elisabeth Kristof of Brian-Based Wellness, a virtual platform that puts training the nervous system at the center of everything from movement practice, to behavior change, trauma resolution and pain reduction. Elisabeth has been an entrepreneur and mover her whole life. She experienced her own nervous system dysregualtion -- chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, binge eating. She began to understand that applied neurology could be used for so much more than just pain reduction and athletic performance, and that our nervous system drives our behavior and experience of the world.

During this episode, Elisabeth takes us through what nervous system regulation even is and how dysregulation can cause things like chronic pain, fatigue, migraines and binge eating. She also gives us “quick win” tools to start to listen to our nervous system so we can start to change our response overtime. There’s so many amazing nuggets in this episode, so make sure not to miss this one!


In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Elisabeth’s story with the techniques that she now teaches in her own life (movement and applied neurology.)
  • Big T vs. Little T trauma: What is trauma and nervous system regulation?
  • Jessie & Christina’s stories and how we’ve seen nervous system dysregulation in our own lives and healing.
  • Where to get started if you feel like you have a nervous system that’s a bit out of whack (plus a few “quick win” techniques you can try out right now!)
  • Binge and emotional eating behaviors (aka protective outputs) and what’s happening in our nervous system when that happens.
  • What is somatic therapy and healing and why is it important to acknowledge?
  • Weight gain, emotional eating and binge-behavior, and how that is connected to our emotional healing.
  • Minimum effective dose: what does that mean and why is it important to remember in our healing work.

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