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Chronically Healing Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Today’s episode is with Lyn Delmastro-Thomson. Lyn was misdiagnosed with leukemia at age 25 , but she kept questioning why she wasn’t improving despite doctors saying that her labs looked good. So, like many of us, her questions were dismissed. She took her health into her own hands.

That’s when she learned how to listen to her body and its wisdom, understanding how it communicates and working together with it. She now helps other people do this and take charge of their health. We also dive into HOW to listen to your body and move past hating it. Jessie also shares some personal experiences regarding body love and how hard it can be to listen to your body.

Lyn’s story is so special and she shares some tangible tips that we can start doing today that will help us listen to our bodies and forgive them. We’re so excited for you to hear it!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Getting the phone call you never want to get and getting a diagnosis of chronic myelogenous leukemia

  • … and then finding out she was misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly for three years

  • How to move forward after such a horrific misdiagnosis and finding someone to listen to her

  • Treating symptoms as messengers in the body and learning to listen to your body (with tangible tips on how to actually do this!)

  • How easy it is to fall into just treating your symptoms

  • Why using the word “too busy” when it comes to your health just doesn’t work anymore and Lyn’s recommendations around that

  • Talking to our bodies in terrible ways and how that’s programming our bodies to believe that (and how hard that can be to change)

  • How to forgive your body and get on the path where you can trust it again (and it can trust you!)

  • Some of Lyn’s favorite nervous system healing modalities

  • Christina’s experience with body talk and why Lyn loves it, too!

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